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About Us

Keeping user experience at the focal point, we at A.B.Plastics, offer the widest range of high quality plastic yarn carriers. A.B.Plastics is the plastic textile based commodity firm established and run by Mr.Amit Badiani since 1998 to till date. For more than 2 decades the firm has been manufacturing plastic yarn carriers for their customer's yarn carrier solution.

A.B.Plastics products are extremely popular with well established brands, across the globe, reflecting their trust in us. This trust has inspired us to work hard to put together our core values, ethics & principles with a strategic plan.

We believe in long term relationships where mutual trust is the key, so we work on strengthening the relationships with the existing clients. Towards this end we guide and help them to explore untapped and cost effective markets for mutual benefit.

Our vast experience and expertise in the business has made it possible for us to deliver premium quality plastic yarn carriers at best possible rates to our esteemed clients.

Our greatest asset is our people. Having highly dedicated & committed team with their vast & rich experience, we strengthen our manufacturing & production process. We have established a strong foothold in international textile segment by exporting our plastic yarn carriers worldwide. Our vast experience & in-depth knowledge have enabled us to reach the principle of success with overseas presence.

Our Founder

Mr. Amit BadianiWhen One Visionary Man Set Out On His Mission, To Fulfill His Dream Of The Perfect Plastic Yarn Carriers For The World, His Passion Gave Birth To An Enterprise Called A.B.PLASTICS

The Man Was Mr. Amit Badiani. His Enthusiasm For Quality Plastic Yarn Carriers Inspired Him To Bring Innovations To A.B.Plastics Since Its Inception In 1998. The Company Has Grown At An Overwhelming Pace, Keeping Up With The Needs Of The Customers. With Its Entry Into Retail Market And The Global Plastic Export Industry, A.B.Plastics Has Become The Fastest Growing Company In The Indian Textile Industry. The Culmination Of A Dream, This Is Just The Beginning Of A Revolution In The Indian Plastic Industries.

Our Founder Speaks

At A.B.Plastics, we continue to lead the field by focusing on what we know best.

Manufacturing exclusive plastic yarn carriers like

  • Plastic texturizing tubes
  • Plastic conning tubes
  • Plastic tfo tubes
  • Plastic reels, spools and bobbins
  • Plastic tfo rolls
  • Plastic jumbo cone
  • Plastic y cones
  • Plastic cable corder tubes
  • Plastic winding tubes
  • Plastic oe cheese tubes
  • Plastic cops-cheese
  • Plastic taper cones
  • Plastic baby cones
  • Plastic caps for export y cones

And exclusive collections, when it comes to corporate performance, A.B.Plastics have always been a leader.

Since 1998, A.B.Plastics has been the name; India relies on for manufacturing plastic yarn carriers that fits the active Indian spirit. A.B.Plastics provides apparels that are inspired by the five basic elements that make-up our atmosphere and the products do perform. Exclusive construction details and only the finest product of ours ensure our patrons will be equipped to take on whatever challenge comes their way. I have always wanted our customers delighted for their yarn carrier solution from nearly two decades

I still remember the time when both my father and brother stepped out the corridors of our manufacturing unit. The overwhelming sense of achievement that I witnessed on their faces then, continues to inspire me in walking that extra mile… just that now, it’s no more an ‘I’. What started as a small business enterprise in the mid nineties is now a powerhouse textile giant catering to the needs of people from across global parameters. A.B.Plastics has not only instilled in its employees a never-ending drive to reach-out, but has also equipped their families with a sense of pride and achievement; such that no other can parallel. This in essence is our real accomplishment and A.B.Plastics shall always live up to the intrinsic demands and expectations of India and the world.

Let me hereby reaffirm, this distinction will always be the hallmark of the brand that’s A.B.Plastics.

Quality Policy

  • We shall provide our customers in National and International Markets products and services of agreed standards
  • We also commit to extend the Quality concept to all phases of our business by strengthening partnership with our customers and suppliers.
  • We shall continue our endeavors to develop new products and markets, especially for exports
  • We shall develop our information system to regular feedback on product quality performance, and acceptance from our external customers to prepare ourselves to meet the future requirements.
  • We shall pay special attention to Health, Safety & Environmental requirement.
  • We provide skills and training to our employees and promote open communication to maximize their contribution in achieving quality excellence.


  • We are committed to ensure quality, and do continuous improvement of products and services.
  • To attain our vision by improving performance at every level of the organization by adopting Customer service approach and developing long term relationship with our customers.


We seek to attain and maintain customer satisfaction and reliability through consistent quality by implementing World Class Manufacturing

Why Us

  • It is a leading company offering world-class products to national as well as international markets.
  • Havind deep & rich experience of manufacturing plastic yarn carriers to more of user-friendly innovative textile products.
  • Each year we work hard to put together our core values, ethics & principles with a strategic plan.
  • Setting overall abjectives to meet and achive the unique challenges.

Our Product

Plastic Texturising Tube, Plastic Cops, Plastic Taper Cone, Plastic TFO Tube, Plastic Baby Cone, Plastic Roll, Plastic Reel, Plastic Winding Cheese, Plastic Cone, Plastic Bobbin, Plastic 'Y' Cone, Plastic Conning Tube, Plastic Jumbo Cone

South Gujarat Plastic Manufacturer's Association Certificate
Baby Cone